Thomas Dantin, Notary

  The Old Firehouse
720 Mandeville St., Faughbourg Marigny, New Orleans Louisiana

The Louisiana Civil Law Notary is unique among the notaries of the United States. The Louisiana Civil Law Notary is a Public Official, who swears an Oath of Office, just like an elected official, and is commissioned by the governor with the authority to perform many functions reserved only for attorneys in other states. Why the term Civil Law?  Well that's because many of the interactions between persons in this state are regulated by a set of codes, namely, "The Louisiana Civil Code".  

One of Louisiana's foremost legal scholars, Col. John H. Tucker, Jr. (1891-1984), eloquently describes the nature of the Louisiana Civil Code:

"It is your most important book because it ushers you into society as a member of your parents family and regulates your life until you reach maturity.  It then prescribes the rules for the establishment of your own family by marriage and having children, and for the disposition of your estate when you die, either by law or by testament subject to law. It tells how you can acquire, own, use and dispose of property onerously or gratuitously.  It provides the rules for most of the special contracts necessary for the conduct of nearly all of your relations with your fellow man:  sales, loans, (with or without security), leases, usufructs and servitudes; and, finally, all of the rights and obligations governing your relations with your neighbor and fellow man generally."

As a Louisiana Notary Public I can prepare and execute an "Authentic Act" to document those interactions governed by our Civil Code, meaning that the act is "Self Proving" and as such stands, once I sign it, as full proof of what the notary has seen or heard.