Thomas Dantin, Notary

  The Old Firehouse
720 Mandeville St., Faughbourg Marigny, New Orleans Louisiana

To My Neighbors of Faubourg Marigny, and the Bywater,

I was born on Napoleon Avenue in 1954 and grew up on Bayou Lafourche. In those days you could tell where someone lived by which notary public memorialized their day to day business.  Notaries then, and I believe now, should be part of the fabric of a neighborhood.

My mission as a Notary Public is to be of service to this community, and to that end I will offer the many services of my office at the lowest prices I can, and if those prices are still beyond the reach of some of our neighbors, I invite them to speak to me about it.  I will do all I can to serve everyone, and I invite groups---civic, school, and church---to reach out to me and let me know if I can be of service.

Thomas Dantin
Louisiana Civil Law Notary
Faughbourg Marigny, New Orleans